Another place


I like to think photography is very simple.  I look for things that are aesthetically pleasing to me and then I shoot them.  There is nothing more to it.


I look for minimalist elements.  Lots of my photographs will contain negative space - created by long exposures and focused on the sea or the sky with a small number of elements to counteract the space.


I'm not really interested in emulating others.  I have my favourite photographers and they have no doubt influenced my work but I shoot what I want to shoot.  Photography is my therapy.  It is a way that I can shut down all of the hustle of modern life and breath out.  It keeps me grounded and gives me time in the fresh air.  It is another place.


I mainly shoot black and white film.  Digital photography is very important and it is with a digital camera that I learnt all that I have learned about photography.  However, shooting film is a much more sublime experience.  Film photography is a complex craft particularly when shooting with completely manual cameras.  The wait between the shutter closing and the image appearing in the darkroom is an eternity.  But it is this wait that sharpens my skill behind the camera - there are no second chances.


Welcome to my website - I hope you see something you like.